Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hola! I am Kevin and welcome to my website. I did this website as a task specially for Eglinton Articles, which is an English as a 2nd Language and Web Design program. If you'd like to contact me, just use the contact form found on this page. Below is my Curriculum vitae, with a few examples of online websites and articles or reviews I've written before.

Graduated with distinction from APU
5 years of web content writing experience (in particular intended for Web based target audience)
6 years of web development experience.
Committed, self-motivated employee with a taste for facts.

Work Experience.
Eglinton Articles,2011 - Present
General Manager
In charge of preparing a international team of internet writers to accommodate a challenging range of advanced goals and objectives.
- Set new records for end result, raising production by 18% worldwide
- Properly handled successive logs of project distribution
- Managed QA for international generation over a sizable team of writers

Self-employed Wordpress Website Designer

Additional Skills
Fluent in Macedonian
Exceptional knowledge using a numerous choice of office software

Samples of English Writing

Friday, June 15, 2012

Nude Wedges

However, you should not stick with these colors if you plan to buy a pair of shoes especially high heel wedges. First and foremost, what is a wedge? It is basically a heel that serves as an extension of the shoe’s sole. Currently, one of the most widely used footwear is the nude wedges. These are... Click here to continue..

Reception Dresses

But the men should not be too guarded about this issue since there are reception dresses available that have very affordable price tags. Looking for these dresses will also... Source of information..

Owl Jewelry

Many different countries have varied views on the owl symbol like in the Middle and Far Eastern part of the world; they view the owl as... More on this page..

Free Essays Online

This offer is definitely a bonus for our hardworking students. Their answers to your questions must not be just satisfactory but excellent. Additionally, web companies can let you see all of the free essays they have for students. These papers are ready- made and if you find an essay that is suitable for your need, you can avail of it for... To read more click here...

Customize Your Car

Sometimes, people would immediately avail loans just to get the latest car model. Loans are more effective when you are following the latest trend. Because when you decide to save for the car you really wanted a situation would raise like when you finish saving for the car you badly wanted, it may seem that by the time you have saved enough money for your dream car, the car is not in the latest... Click here to continue..

Fake Belly Button Rings

Are you tired of being mediocre? And does it seem as if you look just the same way as everybody else? Well, you don’t have to chop your locks off or dye your hair in an electrifying blue hue just to stand out and you don’t have to undergo... Continue reading..

Hotels Near Buffalo Airport

But the hotel also has an airport shuttle that can bring guests to and from the airport. This building has 10 floors and has 351 deluxe rooms available for the guests. The entire hotel property has wireless internet including public areas. The rooms have both wireless and wired internet connections. The wired connection is much more preferred by businessmen since it is dramatically faster... Continue reading..

Furniture Stores Tampa

In that way, it will save you time from rummaging pages displaying furniture that you do not necessarily need. You can now disregard a particular category if it is not included in... Source of information..

Club Shoes

Today, there are so many manufacturers and big brand names that design and sell various stilettos. You should select the pair of... Read more..

Bonzai Tree

Remember that climate varies from one location to another and that the wrong choice of tree can lead to the tree’s environmental requirements being unmet. For instance, if your place experiences very low temperature, there can be so many trees which will not survive and withstand the freezing weather. Therefore, you need to make sure that the tree you have chosen will grow well in your area. The third thing you must do is decide on the... Click here to read more..

Victoria Flights

It is considered as one of the top tourist destinations in Canada and booking Victoria flights is something nobody will ever regret in the end. Like any other flights to other cities all over the world, you can also find flights to Victoria available at low rates. Therefore, you can explore this destination on a limited budget. Searching for low rate fares is very beneficial since these rates are available amongst several airlines. What are the airlines that... More on this site..

Theatre In Toronto

In this destination, you can experience world class dining, live entertainment and great accommodations. Every theatre Toronto offers you the best of Broadway. Many people believe that nothing is better than a Broadway performance when it comes to live entertainment. The District... Find out more...

Cheap Vegas Packages

Surfing the net for the best deals is always a smart thing to do. There are a lot of cheap Vegas packages that couples or families can avail and they can pay lesser if they pay ahead of time too. One... To read more click here...

Nude Wedges

Wedges are great since they add height to a woman just like stilettos but they are not as uncomfortable and painful. The reason for this is because of the construction and design of the shoes. The weight of the person is distributed evenly in the heels of the shoes since it runs through the entire show length. Even if different designs of wedges have come out, nothing can still beat the elegance and the beauty of the... Continue reading..

Easton MD

Travelling into this place will assure you of that rest and relaxation you so deserved. The places to visit to in Easton are quite a lot and every place will surely replace whatever stress you have on your... To read more click here...

Hotels In Nashville TN

Here are a number of hotels you can choose from: The first hotel in our list is Hilton Nashville Downtown. It is a full- service, four- diamond hotel. This is absolutely a good choice if you want a hotel that is near several bars, restaurants and music venues. The different features of this contemporary hotel include landscaped 3-acre park, atrium lobby and four casual restaurants.... To read more click here...